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Move-In Information

Now that we have signed the lease, what do we do next?

It is very important to choose a "House Captain" in your group. This person will be the main contact between your group and our office. We have too many tenants for everyone to call with same questions. This person will organize your move-in date, furniture, and address any other concerns that your group may have. This person is also responsible for supplying or making a house e-mail address for your group at umich.edu. Dan's Houses does 90% of communication through the internet.

Does furniture come with our home?

Many of our leases include furnishings such as full beds, desks, dressers and leather couches. Not all of our homes come with furniture, so make sure to ask at your showing or lease signing. You are responsible for all furniture in the house. You will sign a furniture inventory sheet at move-in and, if any furniture is missing at move-out, it will be charged against your security deposit. A detailed price list will be included on the inventory sheet so there is no sticker shock if furniture winds up broken or missing.

When can we move in?

Your move-in date depends whether you will be taking your home as-is or not. If you take your home as-is, you can move into your home early, in exchange for free rent, until your actual lease start date. Not all homes are offered the "as-is" rider. It clearly depends on the condition of your home.

Who do we contact for utilities?

Electric/Gas—The Company that provides your gas and electric services is DTE Energy. You can contact them at (800) 477-4747 or http://mydteenergy.com.

Tips for dealing with DTE:

  1. When you dial press "1" for "Residential Service".
  2. When the automated operator begins to speak state, "Customer Service".
  3. Make sure to think positive and use your happy voice.
  4. Tell the operator you want the gas and electric turned on at (your address), Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Starting on (give date). **Some homes do have multiple electrical meters.
  5. Make sure to get the confirmation # for the services being turned on.
  6. It is best for a resident of Michigan to call DTE. DTE gives the run around to people from other states. They will make you fax personal information and then you will be required to wait up to 48 hours for a call back.

Water—Water service is provided by the City of Ann Arbor. You can reach them at (734) 994-2666. Or you can go on-line to get the water turned on at https://secure.a2gov.org/dnn2/

Cable/Internet—The Company that provides cable & internet services is Comcast. You can reach them at 1-800-Comcast. If you are leasing an entire home which is broken up into apartments, you will need to provide a copy of your lease to Comcast.

What happens if we want cable in all of the rooms in the house?

You are more than welcome to have Comcast drill holes and hook-up cable throughout the house. Dan's Houses will not pay for any cable installation fees. We do not guarantee that each room in the house has a cable hook-up.

Is our house responsible for taking the garbage to the curb?

Yes, and thank you for asking. Please review the City of Ann Arbor Weekly Curbside Collection Map to find out when your trash day is.

Garbage cans need to be returned to there designated area each time. Please do not put your garbage cans in front of the house it looks tacky and will draw animals towards your home.

We need another garbage can, who do we call?

Please call the office and we will order you a new trash can.

Our trash can was stolen what do we do now?

Please call our office. I will file a police report and get you a new can.

What happens if an animal goes through our trash and it's all over the yard?

  1. Always make sure the lid is closed on your can.
  2. Pick up your trash because we are not going to do it for you.

Where do we find information on recycling?

City of Ann Arbor Public Services/solid waste. http://www.a2gov.org/recycle or (734) 994-2807. Call (734) 99-GREEN for home delivery of free recycling bins.