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Move-Out Information

What day and time do we need to be moved out of our apartment or home?

If you have a May Lease you must vacate the property April 30th @ noon.
If you have an August Lease you must vacate the property August 16th @ noon.

Is the full month's rent due for August?

Yes, you signed a lease for twelve equal payments due the 1st day of each month. We do not prorate August rent.

Can we take the last month's rent out of the Security Deposit?


How long does it take to receive our security deposit back?

By Michigan State Law we must return your security deposit within 30 days of your lease-end date. Along with your security deposit check will be an itemized list of deductions and digital pictures to remind you of the damage you did.

For our very special tenants who like to trash our homes you may even receive an HD movie. This movie will also be sent to parent guarantors.

Do you send out multiple security deposit checks?

No. We only send out one check per house.

How clean does the house have to be when we vacate?

The house needs to be in broom swept condition. You should clean your bathrooms and empty the trash.

Can we leave furniture behind?

No. We charge furniture removal to your security deposit. If you make arrangements to give furniture to the new tenants you need to call our office and mark the furniture with a post-it note.

What happens if we have stains on the carpet?

You should call a carpet cleaner and hope that the stains come out. Dan's Houses has one rule when it comes to carpet... If you ruin the carpet, you buy the carpet. Carpet and padding are not cheap.

What are the most common security deposit charges?

  1. Missing keys. (Put all entry keys on the counter.)
  2. Missing keys. (Bedroom keys need to be inside of deadbolts.)
  3. Never cleaning the bathtub causing massive mildew and tile rot.
  4. Stains on carpet.
  5. Missing or destroyed furniture.
  6. Scratches on the hardwood floor.
  7. Tape, gum, glue anything that ruins the paint job on the wall.
  8. Garbage left behind. (We charge $25.00 per garbage bag.)